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Collaborative Pastoral Council

Have you considered serving on the Collaborative Pastoral Council (CPC)?

See a short description of service on the CPC below:

October 2017 Current Members:

Deacon Charlie Cornell, Corrie Gladyszak, Nichola Gladyszak, Diahne Goodwin, Carolyn Johnson, Ed Kelly, Maria Mpelkas, Haley Reynolds, Steve Ryan, Fr. Paul Sughrue, JoAnn Witek, Fr. Walter Woods (chair)

October 2014 Formation of the CPC

I am pleased to announce that the St. Elizabeth – St. Isidore Collaborative Pastoral Council (CPC) has been formed. According to archdiocesan norms, a collaborative is to have a single pastoral council whose members come from all its parishes, rather than each parish having its own pastoral council.

The members of our council are Amy Alexander, Deacon Charles Cornell, Theresa Don, Brendan Duhamel, Stephen Dyda, Ruth Gerath, Diahne Goodwin, Joan Grund, Jan Ketonen, Paul McMahon, Janet Moroney, Daniel Ortuno, Joyce Pinney, Edward Reverdy, Stephen Ryan, Fr. Paul Sughrue, and JoAnn Witek.  I thank them all for their readiness to serve on our new council.

The CPC’s responsibilities include: (1) working with the pastor to find effective ways to advance the mission of evangelization in our area; (2) enhancing communication between parishioners and pastor; (3) advising on current or better ways to advance the pastoral work of the two parishes; (4) implementation of a local pastoral plan to be developed by the people of the parishes and approved by the archbishop; and (5) monitoring its implementation and reporting to the people as appropriate.  Fr. Walter Woods, Pastor

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Minutes of past meetings (PDF format)

The Collaborative Pastoral Council of St. Elizabeth and St. Isidore Parishes
Principal Tasks and Other Information

Principal Tasks of the CPC

  • Facilitate good communication between parishioners and the pastor;
  • make suggestions to enhance pastoral work and activities especially in light of their primary orientation to evangelization;
  • be attentive to the development of the collaborative relationship between the two parishes, and offer advice and counsel as required;
  • carry out elements of the Collaborative Pastoral Plan as indicated;
  • monitor its overall implementation and advise as appropriate.

Other Information

The normal term of service is three years.

The meeting schedule in 2017-2018 will be determined at our first gathering. Members should expect 5 – 8 meetings of approximately 90 minutes during the year plus likely committee and other work between meetings.

Participation in archdiocese-supplied training is expected. Its purpose is to enhance members’ appreciation of evangelization and particularly its bearing on the work of the parish, the CPC, and other parish groups. CPC deliberations presuppose this appreciation and members’ readiness to help bring all aspects of parish life and ministry into line with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To that end, the following sources are strongly recommended, and will generously reward a careful, thoughtful reading.

James Mallon, Divine Renovation: Bringing Your Parish from Maintenance to Mission. This highly-regarded, widely-read resource has partially supplanted the stillrecommended White and Corcoran, Rebuilt: Awakening the Faithful, Reaching the Lost, and Making Church Matter.

Sherry Weddell, Forming Intentional Disciples: The Path to Knowing and Following Jesus. This source sharply focuses attention on the why, wherefore, and mission of parishes.

Disciples in Mission: A Pastoral Plan for the Archdiocese of Boston. The text can be downloaded at uploads/2012/11/Disciples-in-Mission.pdf.

Our Collaborative Pastoral Plan is available online at

Pope Francis, The Joy of the Gospel. Available in hard copy and online at
Most important are the Introduction and Chapter 1. 6/1/2017